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Connecting Dots

Leverage the power of BlackWood

As a partner of BlackWood, your clients are introduced to leading early-stage European startups, based on specific requirements. Our investment opportunities are selected based on a thorough analysis carried out by BlackWood's team of analysts.

In essence, BlackWood aims to develop our partners' value proposition whilst creating value for the startup communities we engage with.

Expand into venture capital

Expand your service offering by enabling your high-net-worth clients to invest in leading early-stage European startups.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate yourself from competitors in the wealth management market, by proposing tailored impactful investments. 

Improve retention rates

Improve your clients' satisfaction and increase retention rates by proposing a service better suited for next generations.

Attract a new clientele

Leverage your BlackWood partnership to attract a new generation of clients, who are increasingly focused on making an impact. 

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Jakob Kjelgaard
Managing Partner at Core Capital, Luxembourg

As a €1.5bn+ multi-family office, we help high-net-worth individuals in all aspects of wealth management. Our partnership with BlackWood has enabled us to expand our services and offer our clients the ability to invest in startups they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

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